Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, so, sorry...

I feel bad about not updating my blog. I forget that not everyone has Facebook. So, I'll be sure to post some recent pictures of my sweet girls.

On February 21, Rachel turned 3 years old! We had a princess party and we all had a blast! The cake was made by Aunt Mariah and tasted as good as it looked.

Sarah is sitting up like a big girl and has two teeth now!

Sarah went to the eye doctor this past week, too. She went in for her tear duct issue (which had cleared up by then) but her eye doctor found that she was more far sighted than normal. He requested that I bring her back in 6 months for another eye exam. He told me to watch her eyes to make sure she wasn't going crossed-eyed. If that happens, we'll have to go in sooner than 6 months.

Rachel went to the doctor for her 3 year well visit. It was a battle of wills to say the least. It took 2 nurses to measure how tall she is. She cried and screamed hysterically for the first 10 minutes. Thankfully, we got her calmed down a little. However, she still gave Dr. Barron a hard time. Thankfully, there were no shots or finger pricks for this visit!

Here are a couple more snap shots...

Monday, November 3, 2008


Here are Sarah and Rachel in their Halloween costumes...

Little Lamb

China Doll

Rachel was VERY excited to go trick or treating this year. She was amazed that she could go to people's homes and get candy! I think she ran the whole time. Sarah was very agreeable and happily rode in her stroller while out in the cold.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Beach

We had a wonderful time on our mini vacation this past weekend (October 2-5). The beach was lovely, minus the sand flies on Thursday and Friday, and the water (which was gorgeous) wasn't too cold yet. Of course, our family doesn't go past our thighs in the water. Haven't you ever seen Jaws? That's why they have pools at the beach...for people like us. For people who have too vivid of an imagination to swim where you can't see the bottom. Unfortunately,the pool was a little too chilly. However, Rachel didn't seem to mind and Tim forced himself to swim. I just sat on the steps and enjoyed the cool water on my hot feet. Sarah slept in her car seat. She had way too much dreaming to do to build sand castles with us. Oh well, maybe she'll find time on our next trip to the beach. Here are some pics...

Sarah w/ a sweet smile.

Rachel taking it all in...

You see, Rachel's wearing the hat I brought for Sarah. Sarah is wearing the hat I brought for Rachel. The hat Rachel is wearing...was too, er, small for Sarah.

Rachel, Daddy & Uncle Chris digging a big hole and building sand castles.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Rachel, Sarah and I have been enjoying our time while Tim is "in between jobs". I have enjoyed running my errands with no children in tow. Tim's been looking for a J-O-B, playing a game and studying for his A+ certification test (this is helpful to have for any computer related job). He has a lot of good connections. So, hopefully, he'll find something soon. Rachel has been up to her usual shenanigans--singing, dancing,hiding ("wes hide" sounds like "west side") and making us laugh. Sarah has lost her desire (or is it mine?) to sleep 7 hours at night. Hopefully, she'll realize that it's in everyone's best interest for her to sleep. Thankfully, her cuteness factor has increased by learning how to smile. I suppose I'll keep her.

Here are some recent pics...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Growing up

Candace started something with her latest post! Now she has this mommy reminiscing about the early days. I don't necessarily want Rachel to be a baby anymore. Maybe because I have a newborn. My perspective is a little skewed by early morning feedings. I love the way she is now. I'd like to keep her like she is now (minus the tantrums) forever. But, I would like to see her grow and marry.

It's life's greatest irony. You want your children to grow up and become something great. However, deep down, you just want to them to be little forever.

Thanks for the reminder Candace!

By the way, I can't get over how much this picture of Rachel looks like Sarah. Crazy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our crazy house

Sarah had her 4 week check-up yesterday. She's 10 lbs 1 oz and 21 1/2 inches now. Chunky monkey! Her pediatrician said I could have easily fed twins with the amount of weight she gained. Needless to say, she's a great eater! Thankfully, we have another very healthy little girl. Looking back, Rachel was 11 lbs at her 2 month visit. Sarah has almost grown out of all her newborn clothes. We're moving up to 0-3 month clothes! Also, as this picture shows, her head is getting bigger. (Gotta fit those brains somewhere!)

Rachel hates to have her hair up. Mariah was able to put her hair in cute little "pig-tail buns". Here's what they looked like:

Here they are AFTER we took them down. Can we say Shirley Temple?

Here's Tim and Sarah. She says, "Hey Daddy!"

Here's me and Sarah. Hilarious!

Finally, Rachel has taken a liking to pushing chairs to the counter to help herself to whatever she can find up there. This particular day, she pushed a chair to the counter, climbed on the counter, got a glass bowl, and put snacks in said bowl...all within 5 minutes. Sneaky! (Please excuse the panties...we're trying to potty train...trying being the key word.)

By the way, Tim has his resume out to a few different places. He's had an interview but he was "overqualified" for that position. He has another interview on Thursday. Friday will be the last day he has to go into work. It'll be nice to have him home for a little bit. We are thankful for your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Week

This has been a full week for our house! The biggest news is that Tim was displaced from work on Thursday. He and 100 of the other employees at the Underwriting site were laid off. He will go into work until September 12th and the official last day of work is October 28th. He will, thankfully, receive 3 months severance pay (this comes in the form of a lump sum on October 29th). Needless to say, he has started to look for another job. So, please pray that something comes along soon. As always, Tim is very optimistic about our situation. We'll keep everyone updated on what's going on.

Now, on with some fun stuff. Here are some pictures from our week...

Rachel made a triangle out of the remotes...creative.

Building a train.