Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, so, sorry...

I feel bad about not updating my blog. I forget that not everyone has Facebook. So, I'll be sure to post some recent pictures of my sweet girls.

On February 21, Rachel turned 3 years old! We had a princess party and we all had a blast! The cake was made by Aunt Mariah and tasted as good as it looked.

Sarah is sitting up like a big girl and has two teeth now!

Sarah went to the eye doctor this past week, too. She went in for her tear duct issue (which had cleared up by then) but her eye doctor found that she was more far sighted than normal. He requested that I bring her back in 6 months for another eye exam. He told me to watch her eyes to make sure she wasn't going crossed-eyed. If that happens, we'll have to go in sooner than 6 months.

Rachel went to the doctor for her 3 year well visit. It was a battle of wills to say the least. It took 2 nurses to measure how tall she is. She cried and screamed hysterically for the first 10 minutes. Thankfully, we got her calmed down a little. However, she still gave Dr. Barron a hard time. Thankfully, there were no shots or finger pricks for this visit!

Here are a couple more snap shots...


Mariah said...

Gotta love sweet baby bottom!