Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Week

This has been a full week for our house! The biggest news is that Tim was displaced from work on Thursday. He and 100 of the other employees at the Underwriting site were laid off. He will go into work until September 12th and the official last day of work is October 28th. He will, thankfully, receive 3 months severance pay (this comes in the form of a lump sum on October 29th). Needless to say, he has started to look for another job. So, please pray that something comes along soon. As always, Tim is very optimistic about our situation. We'll keep everyone updated on what's going on.

Now, on with some fun stuff. Here are some pictures from our week...

Rachel made a triangle out of the remotes...creative.

Building a train.


Candace said...

I LOVE that last one, Leah! We have already started praying here about the job situation. :hug: